Posted by Debbie Atwood
For 22 years, District 6040 has participated in an annual shoe and sock drive in partnership with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls.
Clubs in the Rotary District are encouraged to collect gently used shoes and raise money to buy new shoes and socks. The District goal is to collect 15,199 pairs of shoes and 4,409 pairs of socks. Meeting this goal will mean we will have collected approximately 400,000 pairs of shoes and 50,000 pairs of socks over 22 years of participation!
At meetings, our members leave donations on the table each week. These donations will be used to purchase shoes and socks. We hope you will join us at the District meeting on April 29th. We will find out if the goals were met. The District meeting will take place at the Truman Presidential Library & Museum. Register today!